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Used Bassoons for Sale
I receive many calls for quality used Bassoons and Bocals.  If you wish to allow me to handle your instrument on consignment, please contact me.
Fox 601 #32637
Bb, F# thumb rollers.  3rd finger left hand plateau key.  Excellent condition. 
Fox cvx double star #3 bocal.  Fox cvx #3 bocal.
Asking $17,500.00
Heckel #11266​
Ab/Bb trill, Double-wide pinky F# plus roller, High A bridge, L.H. D/Eb trill, High D and E keys.  Rollers on thumb Bb, Pancake to F#, double F# and Ab Keys.
Heckel CDE #2 bocal. 
Immaculate condition!
Asking $38,000.00
Heckel #5602 
High D key. Standard rollers. 
In beautiful condition. 
Heckel CD #3 bocal.
Asking $24,000.00
Mahillon French Bassoon               
circa 1890.                     
Asking $7,000.00
Heckel #5294
Ab/Bb trill. High A bridge, High D and E keys. Left Hand D/Eb trill. Rollers on pinky F#, Thumb Bb, Pancake, F# Keys.
Heckel cc#2 and Fox Cvx #3 bocals. 
Excellent condition.
Asking $25,000.00
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